Erasing Singapore: the extermination of space and memory

Part of TOO FAST, TOO FURIOUS: An urban research project in ASIA, this research attempts to understand and track down the parallel between urban growth and erasure. Focus is set on the consequences of what seems like an unstoppable progression, on the resistance tactics that have emerged against it and the possible resilience of the informal as tool of opposition, focusing particularly on the Mekong area, Japan, India and Singapore.
In summer 2013, OMNIBUS conducted an urban research workshop in Singapore. The outcome of this first panel of urban observations will be a series of videos illustrating urban expansion and disappearance. Entitled Erasing Singapore: the extermination of space and memory, borrowing from local authors, interviews and various texts, the work reflects on the unswerving path of built production on that part of the globe and its consequences, using video as a reflective media for urban research. The film is in post-production.