OMNIBUS joined the international teaching team for the second edition of the International joint Workshop ‘Urban Landscapes Operations: Fablabbing the river’ with the students of the University of Seville and the SS Cyril and Methodius University in Skojpe, Macedonia, and the collaboration of the FabLab Seville. The outcomes address environmental issues and public space uses while experimenting with form and materials.
‘CODE’ plays with a form of digital information and transforms it into a floating device, while leaving onshore a negative trace of it to communicate with promeneurs. An ambitious and visually attractive intervention that questions access to information with modernity.

‘A Bath in the river’ is a straight forward provocative implementation of a bathtub on a dynamic form floating-device, tackling the question of water quality of the Guadalquivir. Presented with a tongue-in-cheek happening, the object attracted attention and succeeded in addressing this touchy subject.

‘Mollecules’ is a poetic floating intervention that works best at night, when the LED sealed in an organic, though technologically produced, tripod forms float away on the water, embellish the river as a glowing necklace.

The production process is available here