“The lure of dirt and decay–the absolute opposite of sleek Zurich, the relics of an ideology, the unhealthy attraction generated by totalitarian regimes architecture, straight-forward visions made real: all that is to be found in Skopje –(don’t FYROM-me), Macedonia. 500 years of Ottoman rule provided the city with an old bazaar, minarets, mosques and hammams galore. 1963, an earthquake. The courted Yugoslavia Federation benefited -in the middle of the Cold War, of UN support and international coverage. Kenzo Tange wins the master plan for the reconstruction of Skopje. That train station, dear! Degenerated Metabolism it is- (…)” (Extract of “WTF Skopje?” by OMNIBUS)

OMNIBUS joined the international teaching team for the Workshop ‘Contemporary Interventions in a Transforming City‘ with the students of the University of Sevilla and the SS Cyril and Methodius University in Skojpe, Macedonia. The outcomes address urban conflicts in the old city of Skopje.
The ‘Urban Compass’ is a simple wood structure that points at views of the city- questioning post-communist heritage, religious symbols and the way architecture is perceived.
The ‘Tribune’ is a straight-forward urban furniture, filling up a gap between houses by providing shade and sitting -a result achieved with participation of local population.
The ‘Line’ is an inspired abstract intervention, drawing lines of conflict and convergence in the space of a derelict park.

all images by BAUM-