OMNIBUS has been invited to Skopje to join the international teaching team for the Workshop ‘Contemporary Interventions in a Transforming City‘ with the University of Sevilla and the SS Cyril and Methodius University in Skojpe, Macedonia (24.09 to 01.10.2011).

“The city of Skopje is undergoing processes of urban change and restructuring that contribute to the fragmentation of the urban tissue and quality of the built environment. In the past 10 years the built activities throughout the city have been tremendously increasing and at the same time the public realm was forgotten and its presence ignored. The workshop aims to question and confront the existing context and to propose urban models that contribute to a sustainable and desirable future of the city. The workshop will investigate architecture possibilities that contribute to redefinition of the urban public matter and its social function. The workshop goals is to illustrate and point urban conflicts in the city of Skopje and develop architectural and urban proposals that aim for restructuring and rehabilitating the public realm through minimal interventions.”


Marta Barrera Altemir
Miguel Gentil Fernandez
Javier Caro Dominguez

Dejan Ivanovski
Ana Boranieva
Risto Avramovski

Jasna Stefanovska, AFS
Jovan Ivanovski, AFS
Jose Perez de Lama Halcon, Sevilla