«Sex workers can go away from the prostitution area (strich)  with their customers  and  do their business, for example, in a parking lot in the car, somewhere in the neighborhood” Daniel Leupi, Zurich’s Chief of Police and Green Party member on 11 March 2012.

Updating the state of research, the project of  Altstetten Sex Boxes reinforces OMNIBUS’s research outcomes on migrations of prostitution and how the moral spatial order tend to peripheral-ize the most visible aspects of prostitution. The Sex Boxes are no more than a marketing operation organized by the authorities to cover the fact that the inherent question of prostitution, domination and legalization is one that none wants to solve. Zurich -as a financial center, is not interested in reducing the sex offer.

OMNIBUS gave a lecture at the ETH/ ONA in the frame of the workshop ‘Zurich Liminal Contours’ organized by the Development Planning Unit of the Bartlett UCL on the topic ‘Spaces of Prostitution, case study Zurich’.